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1. Василий Дмитриев   (03.11.2018 22:34)
Some people have a lot of friends,some have few. But everyone has a person who is special and who deserves to be called "the best friend". My best friend is Roma. He is 15 years. He is gorgeous, serious but sometimes he funny. Roma likes to sports and watches football. Roma support "Spartak" and I support CSKA. We became friends, when we go went to the dance. At the time we are five years. I and Roma have been friends ten years already. We spend a lot of time together walking in the park of playing football. Roma usually agrees with me on things like music. And if I or he have some problems in school, we will give differents tips. We seldom quarrel. If we quarrel we will have argue a couple of times. But then we will turn quarrel into a joke. I am glad to have such a good friend. Roma is the best friend anyone can ask for.


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